TSS City4Country Drought Angels Appeal

The Southport School is proud to have built a very strong, long lasting connection with thousands of QLD & NSW country families (up to fifth generation). As one of Australia’s leading Boarding schools for over a century, our commitment to the bush and country families remains at the forefront of our minds and the fabric of the school’s traditions and history.

In this unique educational environment, our TSS community is conscious of the drought that continues to affect regional areas throughout eastern Australia. Even with positive signs with recent rainfall, the social, environmental and financial burden for farmers and country families will continue for years to come, until they are in a position to generate an income that in turn assists local businesses and these regional economies, all of which will take some time.

The entire TSS community (students – Prep & Senior, staff, families and Old Boys) wish to send a strong message of support by initiating a series of activities and events in 2016. The ultimate goal is to build awareness and a greater understanding of what is being faced by our rural communities.

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Drought Angels was established early 2014, helping farmers and rural communities, inspired to support the growing number of farming families who were unable to put food on their own tables. Relying at this stage soley on public donations and fundraising, Drought Angels works closely with Drought Co-ordinators in communities to help families in need and those that contact the group directly, assisting property owners as well as workers who have lost jobs due to drought.

We hope that the TSS City4Country Drought Angels Appeal will raise much needed funds that will enable this charitable organisation to continue to assist as many country families as possible during these difficult times.
Further details of the program will be released shortly and if you wish to find out more please contact Bruce Wright – Director of Philanthropy on (07)55319891 and [email protected]

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TSS Prep held a wear Country Clothes Day which was a huge success.
Promoting the raffle tickets all the boys have taken to project on and all seem very excited to get out there and sell, sell sell!

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Drought photo gallery
We wish to acknowledge and thank the TSS families who have provided TSS permission to use their images of the drought for the TSS City4Country Drought Angels Appeal:
Jayne Douyere
Jennie Bucknell
Trina Patterson
Marcelle Chandler

State drought & statistics image
We wish to acknowledge and thank the Queensland Country Life for use of information and images and their ongoing support of TSS and this initiative. http://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/

Drought Angels Making a Difference – Chinchilla Family Support Centre
Snapshot of the drought – ABC North West Qld – Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Queensland drought spreads to record 80 per cent of the state – ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Rural lobby group AgForce labels Queensland drought the ‘worst in living memory’ – ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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Winton’s mysterious fishy tale amid Queensland drought – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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Queensland weather: Heavy weekend rain not enough to break drought in central Queensland | The Courier-Mail
Fourth failed wet season leaves 84 per cent of Queensland drought-declared | The Courier-Mail
Drought Angels shaken ‘to the bone’ by toughest trip yet | Chinchilla News
May weather hottest on record for Queensland, BoM data shows

We wish to acknowledge reference to links below from https://www.longpaddock.qld.gov.au/ as the source of information on the Queensland Drought Situation Reports.

Drought Situation 2016
Drought Situation 2015
Drought Situation 2014
Drought Situation 2013


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