TSS City4Country Drought Angels Appeal launches Old Boys Weekend

The Southport School is launching a program designed to build awareness and raise funds for those country families suffering from the drought and in doing so, also send a strong message of support.

With many current and past families being affected by a drought that has run for several years throughout QLD & NSW, TSS have been wanting to find a means of building awareness and support for the many country families caught in this devastating situation. With TSS being one of Australia’s leading boarding schools, having established significant connections to the bush over our one hundred and fifteen year history, the ‘Call for Action’ has the entire school community ready to support the cause.

Headmaster Mr Greg Wain said that “While the general community are somewhat aware of the “dry spell”, most don’t realise the devastation this drought has caused for farmers, their families and all the small businesses and communities that rely on primary industry throughout the rural areas west of the Great Dividing Ranges. It is therefore fitting that we can link the launch of this initiative to our Old Boys Weekend, which is expected to attract in excess of 1500 Alumni over the four days of events and functions.”

Director of Philanthropy Mr Bruce Wright explained, “We have been aware of the difficulties being faced by all families affected in these areas including our own country families suffering from the drought, and we have investigated what we can do to help”. Through a series of discussions with staff, students, parents, friends and Old Boys (alumni), The Southport School will be extending its philanthropic interests towards supporting these families through a dedicated organisation called Drought Angels, a non-profit group who organise and deliver in a range of ways to these rural communities.

A series of activities and events aimed at raising awareness and funds throughout our wider community is to be announced in early August. These activities are designed to raise as many funds as possible to assist Drought Angels continue their good work in supporting these families throughout this difficult time.

For more information please contact Bruce Wright – TSS Director of Philanthropy with further information and updates available at http://philanthropy.tss.qld.edu.au/tss-city4country-drought-angels-appeal/more-info/