Thorold Boarding House Refurbishment Appeal


For the first time a fundraising campaign is being launched as The Thorold House Refurbishment Appeal and is looking to engage the many Old Boys and Parents in a unique opportunity to assist with the upgrading of the purpose built boarding facility, where our boys have called home for over two decades. This appeal aims to fund a major refurbishment of Thorold House, providing the boys with an even higher quality boarding facility. This is an important project for the future of boarding at TSS as we must ensure we remain at the forefront in terms of accommodation and living facilities for our boys.

 The project involves a complete refurbishment of living quarters throughout all dormitories, common areas, hallways, stairwells, verandas and surrounds.


In 1969 a new building was completed for Thorold house (now the home to Rogers house)
Once the Clocktower building was completed in 1926, Thorold held the ground floor
Boarding accommodation prior to development of upgrading strategy

From the Headmaster, Greg Wain

McKinleyBrochureGreg“When I first arrived at TSS in 2004, I recognised that boarders, and particularly country boarders, brought something unique and special to TSS, a spirit and culture that stands it apart from most other Schools. As a consequence, the School Council and I made one of our top strategic priorities to grow the number of country boarders in the School. We are now successfully delivering in this area, with the numbers of country boys and sons of Old Boys increasing steadily over the past decade.

One thing that is holding us back, however, is the ongoing, quality improvements needed to ensure that the boarding facilities of Thorold House offer the boys the best facilities possible. While the boys are happy in their current surroundings, we must offer facilities that are consistent with contemporary best-practice, with our competitor schools and with the expectations of current and prospective families at the forefront of our objectives. The proposed refurbishment of Thorold House will allow us to achieve that standard and beyond for the generations ahead.

As with most major capital projects like these, however, it cannot be funded by fees alone. So we unashamedly turn to you, our community of Thorold Old Boys, Parents & Friends for support in bringing these plans to fruition. This is a unique opportunity to establish a lasting legacy for Thorold House and have the opportunity to also etch your name on the Honour Board and in doing so, support one of the three foundation Houses that the School established over a centenary ago. There are a number of areas available for possible naming opportunities in addition to TSS being able to offer DGR status that provides tax deductibility.

I hope you will see the Thorold House campaign as worthy of your philanthropic considerations, support and investment.


In 1998 the current building was completed for Thorold house
Current boarding accommodation prior to development of upgrading strategy

Major Benefits for Thorold Boys


  • Senior rooms and Junior dorms will be completely refurnished, with new desks, chairs, wardrobes, beds, partitions, curtains and carpets.
  • The lighting will be improved to give a much brighter space. Colours and products selected will give a modern feel and by slightly increasing the height of the partitions give the students more privacy. There will be a change in some of the configurations to provide for the taller boys in the junior dorms.
  • The Senior Rooms will be reconfigured to use the space much more effectively, also all rooms will be fitted with bigger beds and fans will be installed.

Common Areas

  • Common areas will be completely re-carpeted, with some areas, such as hallways and stairwells being carpeted.
  • New furniture throughout, including couches, lounge chairs, coffee tables, meeting tables and chairs.
  • Repainting.
  • Ceiling fans and new curtains throughout
  • New modern kitchenettes in the main common rooms.


  • Installation of wireless Internet technology, giving boys access to high speed Internet from their desks and common areas.
  • Re-wiring all electrics and improving lighting throughout the house to provide a bright welcoming Boarding House.

Estimated cost: $500,000

Your Support is Crucial

Major capital projects like these simply cannot be funded by fees alone. As the School’s recent Annual Report shows, tuition fees primarily cover salaries and maintenance, without much left over. The Headmaster and School Council make every effort to keep fee increases to a minimum, so when major capital projects like these are needed, we must turn to our community of Old Boys, Parents and Friends to assist in bringing them to fruition.

Please consider making a gift in support of the Thorold House Refurbishment Appeal. We need to raise $100,000 to ensure the fast-tracking and undertake the project so it can be entirely completed by Term 1, 2017. The launch of the Campaign is designed to enable donors to spread a pledge / donation over two financial years with all donations being fully tax deductible.


McKinley boarding accommodation during the recent upgrade


Recent Rogers boarding accommodation upgrade

From the Thorold Housemaster, Mr Daniel Brown

For 108 years, Thorold House has been an integral part of the greater story of The Southport School with Mr Charles C Thorold, the key instigator in the boarding house system, which is such a significant part of the School’s success in boarding today. As the years have unfolded, Thorold House has forged a distinct and unique spirit, one distilled from the experiences and stories of you, your classmates, and all those who have come before and will follow after; it is a legacy that will last the generations.

Thorold House has a spirit that’s strong, positive, and inspirational, one that sustains, elevates and binds together in brotherhood, all who pass through Thorold’s doors feel it and  as the decades have unfolded – no matter what, through thick and thin – the Thorold Spirit has never flagged but only grown stronger, nurtured by each successive generation of boys. In 2014 Thorold won the House’s 40th Shield and as I write this, we are currently in 1st place in the House Shield – Thorold spirit in action!

The Thorold House Appeal will provide the means for rejuvenation of the physical structure and facilities, to put the House on a strong foundation with an eye to the future. Unlike other Houses, Thorold hasn’t previously run an appeal and thus I wholeheartedly endorse this important project and strongly urge you to get behind us and support its funding by making a gift to the Thorold House Appeal.

Gift recognition and naming opportunities

All gifts over $200 donated during the Thorold House Refurbishment Appeal will be recognised and placed on a special Honour Board in the  House when the works are completed. Requests for anonymity will, of course, be respected and should be noted on your Donation Form or discussed with the Director of Philanthropy when making your pledge and / or gift. We also invite you to discuss honouring a family member or friend, or even commemorating your own family time (Generations) with your name etched on the Board, while opportunities including naming a Senior Room / Study, Junior Dormitory or Common Area are available. A special plaque will be permanently displayed outside each nominated ‘named’ area for a set duration of time.

Recognition in this way is a wonderful legacy for individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by Thorold House, and is in line with similar recognition opportunities offered to those within other boarding houses.

Examples of gift recognition opportunities:

  • Individual Rooms $2,500
  • Senior Common Room $20,000
  • Junior Dormitory $10,000
  • Main Common Area $20,000 – This is the main meeting place for the house and includes lounges, television viewing area, kitchen, billiard table, honour boards and trophy cabinets.

Please contact the Director of Philanthropy, Mr Bruce Wright on (07) 5531 9891 or via email [email protected] if you would like to discuss ways of recognising your gift.


McKinley Boarding House Donor Board


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