Preparatory School Prep Multipurpose Hall Campaign

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Mr Jeff Symms releases latest information on the Prep Multipurpose Hall project.

The Prep School Multi-Purpose Hall is one of the most progressive facilities for learning and teaching that TSS Prep has undertaken and will provide our staff with many opportunities to remain at the cutting edge of education for boys.

As has been previously mentioned, donations and gifts valued at almost $400,000 have been raised to date. Our goal was to achieve $600,000 to complete this project to an exceptionally high standard and also help us to move on to other projects as quickly as possible.  The Preparatory Hall will have 98 grandstand seats permanently in place within the facility. The $200,000 we have as a remaining target provides an opportunity for those who can still consider a gift and thereby leave a ‘lasting legacy’

I wish to encourage you to please consider supporting in any capacity, the final stage of the Preparatory School Multi-Purpose Hall Campaign. Your tax-deductible gift, no matter what size, is most welcome and there are a number of ways in which we can still recognise contributions at this time. Please view the link for further information.

Click Here To Read the Preparatory Multi-Purpose Hall Brochure

This new space will mean that we can deliver better academic services, cultural programs and performances, provide a first class indoor sporting facility to accommodate training, competition games and an enhanced physical education program. It will enable our whole school to come together for assemblies, chapels and celebrations and provide options for alternative learning spaces for times when teaching a modern curriculum requires more than a standard classroom can offer.

This important project will require considerable investment and we are therefore calling on our School Community to support this key project with a tax deductible gift to ensure we can deliver such a substantial project in as timely a manner as we would prefer, without the provision of additional funds to be borrowed.

The two parts of this project include the extensive road works in phase one and Prep Hall as Phase two.

With some exciting projects scheduled for the Preparatory School and Senior School in the near future, Headmaster Greg Wain and Deputy Headmaster and Head of Preparatory School Jeff Symms have been teaming up to conduct a series of Headmaster’s Presentations and offering parents a first-hand view of what is planned for the upcoming projects.

While all parents within all year groups have been periodically invited to attend these events, we understand many may not have been able to due to a range of factors.

We therefore would like to provide anyone interested to find out more and wish to receive access to these (recorded) Presentations, to be viewed at your leisure and offering insight into the projects and how they will deliver outstanding opportunities and benefits for your son/s, to please send your request to [email protected] and we will send it out immediately.

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