McKinley Refurbishment Appeal Successfully Completed

The McKinley House Refurbishment Appeal that was launched in November 2015 has been a great success in fast-tracking the building and refurbishment required to ensure the standards of the TSS Boarding Program remain at the highest levels.

In celebrating the completion of the $500,000.00 project, the House Master and Head of Boarding Mr Tony Watt welcomed McKinley families and Old Boy donors at a special event that included a Chapel Service, BBQ and Open House. Everyone enjoyed the evening and were very impressed by the upgrades reflecting the School’s commitment to the Boarding Program at TSS. Having completed Biddle, Delpratt, Rogers and now McKinley, Thorold House will be launching its Appeal shortly as we hope to also fast-track the work required to see all upgrades complete by February 2017.

“The work conducted with the refurbishment of the House has created a completely different feel- it’s now lighter and much more spacious with the boys having more efficient spaces and greater living and common areas. There is no doubt that the boys love what’s been completed and they are very proud of their new McKinley”
Tony Watt – Housemaster

When Tony asked James Crain – McKinley Sports Captain for his thoughts on the refurbishment he explained “The 2016 McKinley House renovations are nothing short of spectacular. From the spacious rooms and new modern decor, to the built-in fans (which all the boys love), these past few months have truly changed the feel of McKinley as a house. It has been a tedious process in transforming McKinley into the house it is now, but the overall product is something the boys and the staff are very proud of.”

We wish to sincerely thank all the McKinley House community who donated and supported the 1992 Building Fund Campaign to establish the new facility when McKinley moved from the top level of the Clock tower building to its current location and this most recent 2016 Refurbishment Appeal. Donors have been acknowledged through a special Honour Board located at the entrance to the House and in designated common rooms, leadership areas, and living areas throughout the House.