Broomhead Lecture Theatre Campaign & Stumm Library Redevelopment Campaign


Deputy Headmaster & Head Learning & Teaching Ms Jo Inglis spotlights some of the considerations on resources for the new Lecture Theatre

“Every design aspect of the Lecture Theatre has been repeatedly examined under a lens of optimal learning and teaching. A cross-faculty teacher advisory team, TSS Studies Committee and the teaching faculty collaborated to ensure every detail of the facility met the demands of 21st Century Learners, including the choice of student seating. Mobile, agile, comfortable and boy-tough, the Lecture Theatre chairs have been purpose built to complement the learning experience of TSS students. With collaboration at the heart of learning, the tiered theatre design incorporating break-out collaboration potential throughout is optimized by a chair design that allows for movement and flexibility; critical to the realization of this exceptional learning space.”
Ms Jo Inglis Deputy Headmaster – Head of Learning & Teaching

The Broomhead Lecture Theatre is one of the most progressive facilities for learning and teaching TSS has undertaken. It will be a corner stone for the school’s academic programs and help our teaching staff to deliver an increasingly transformative transition to tertiary studies for many boys for generations to come. For those who would still consider supporting this historic initiative, we ask you to consider making a gift to “leave a lasting legacy” through the final stage of the campaign.

We would happily accept more donations and there are a number of ways we can still recognise this support.

The Lecture Theatre requires 220 special seats for operations and this unique opportunity offers you the chance to “buy a seat” for $750. Your tax-deductible gift, no matter what size, is most welcome and as this opportunity has not been specifically available before, we wish to also highlight that there are a few opportunities still available within the Library learning, breakout and resource spaces.
Please open link to view details from Headmaster Mr Greg Wain – ‘Leaving a Legacy’.

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We have been implementing a vision that is designed to ensure TSS stays at the forefront of sound educational research and best practice in the areas that matter most to our boys – now and for their future. To this end, I consider it a strategic imperative that we provide facilities that will offer boys the experience of a productive transition through their educational experience at school and onward to tertiary studies or other work. It has also been my goal to develop facilities that lift the academic ethos and capabilities of our students.

The next important piece of our vision is the construction of a learning space where large group learning and lecture style teaching in full year groups of up to 180 boys can be accommodated. This facility will also be supported by the full refurbishment of our Library environment, with the Lecture Theatre allowing transition from large group learning to small group engagement by the creative use of the environment and equipment therein. Obviously this space will also be served by university level IT facilities. A planned and significant additional benefit of this large group learning space will be that teachers with particular expertise can directly engage with a whole year level. This also offers us the important opportunity to have teaching colleagues learning from each other for professional development.

With some exciting projects scheduled for the Preparatory School and Senior School in the near future, Headmaster Greg Wain and Deputy Headmaster and Head of Preparatory School Jeff Symms have been teaming up to conduct a series of Headmaster’s Presentations and offering parents a first-hand view of what is planned for the upcoming projects.

While all parents within all year groups have been periodically invited to attend these events, we understand many may not have been able to due to a range of factors.

We therefore would like to provide anyone interested to find out more and wish to receive access to these (recorded) Presentations, to be viewed at your leisure and offering insight into the projects and how they will deliver outstanding opportunities and benefits for your son/s, to please send your request to [email protected] and we will send it out immediately.

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