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The Southport School offers a number of scholarships and bursaries for boys who display the potential to thrive in our educational environment and would be unable to attend TSS without fund support.  Philanthropy remains a critical element to ensure the success and sustainability of programs such as, but not limited to the Indigenous, Country Boarder, OSA (Alumni) and Foundation Bursaries and Scholarships programs. It is critical that these programs continue to be supported and resourced to ensure their sustainability and growth to empower the School in fully supporting the boys (and their families) who may not otherwise be able to attend and gain the benefit of an outstanding TSS education – significantly based on the generosity of donors and bequests contributing to these education funds.

The Southport School Indigenous Education Program

The Indigenous Education Program was launched in 2007/8 and has grown to now have over 25 Indigenous students attending the School. While some families pay full fees a large proportion are receiving support with a majority of the scholarships offered by The Southport School Foundation in addition to the partnership TSS has with organisations including Yalari Foundation and Evonne Goolagong Cawley Foundation.

BARCALDINE - ChandlersHomesteadCountry Boarder Bursaries

Families from rural, regional and remote areas of Queensland and New South Wales have been an integral part of the unique TSS boarding community since 1901. Ensuring the continuation of this strong link between Southport and country families is a strategic priority for the school as affirmed by the School Council. Country Boarder Bursaries acknowledge the importance of these relationships by providing financial support to students from rural, regional and remote areas.

Old Southportonians’ Association Bursaries

The Old Southportonians’ Association (OSA) provides a number of bursaries for sons of Old Boys to enter the Senior School from year 7. These bursaries are designed to help provide an educational opportunity at TSS that would otherwise not be financially possible or accessible to some sons and relatives of Old Boys. The OSA bursary program is an integral part of maintaining the fabric of the School and maintaining the links to the history and traditions which are foundation pillars of TSS.

CHINCHILLA-Function1Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation Scholarship is offered by The Southport School Foundation and is open only to boys in Year 6 who are currently not attending TSS and who would be unable to attend TSS without scholarship support. This scholarship offers a remission of fees for Year 7 until the normal time of graduation in Year 12. This scholarship is awarded to boys who are well-rounded students and able to positively contribute while at the school.

With a diversity of Bursary and Scholarship Funds offering a range of options, please contact the Director of Philanthropy if you would like to consider how your support will make a huge difference in the lives of many boys now and into the future.

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Bond University Indigenous Student in Focus

Jordan Kilcoyne

As noted by his Housemaster Mr Dan Brown, Jordy entered The Southport School in 2013 as a Year 10 student of Thorold House, one of the School’s foundation boarding houses. In his time, Jordy has had a significant impact on his House and more widely in the School and taking full advantage of the education provided, extending well beyond the classroom. Through his involvement in House and School sporting, cultural and service activities, Jordy developed a strong understanding of the meaning of service, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and responsibility.

In the academic arena, Jordy made significant strides and successfully combined the challenges of his improving academic studies with his consistent commitment to a variety of sporting, House (Year 10 Dormitory Captain) and service activities including a full time companion on the Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday camp. TSS were therefore very proud of his achievement, being awarded a full scholarship to Bond University studying Law in 2016. Our connection with Jordy and many of our Indigenous students now evolves with his life-long membership of his Alumni (Old Southportonians’ Association) as the School wishes him every success as he moves on to the next phase of his life. Please find the Bond University Student Focus on Jordan Kilcoyne

Yalari Breakfast Inspires TSS Indigenous Students

On Wednesday morning four TSS Indigenous students and Yalari scholarship holders attended the ‘Yalari’ Annual TSS breakfast at the Tattersalls Club in Brisbane. Mr Wayne Bennett was the guest speaker on the morning and he inspired the young students by exploring issues such as: self-confidence, leadership, facing adversity and perseverance. The Indigenous TSS boys were honoured to meet such a humble, honest and renowned figure in the community and cherished the opportunity to ask questions and speak with the coaching great.
Karel Bos
Delpratt Housemaster

Please contact TSS Philanthropy should you wish to explore the opportunities in supporting students through the TSS Indigenous Education program

The Southport School Indigenous Education Program

Bruce Wright – TSS Director of Philanthropy
The Southport School Indigenous Education Program was initiated based on a range of ideals that in our wider School community is one of the most significant social justice projects needing determination and continuity driven by all. Since the launch of the program, a growing base of donors are partnering through the TSS Foundation and with the School to assist in building what is now an initiative supporting 28 Indigenous students between years 7-12.

As the Headmaster Mr Greg Wain has stated “I feel strongly that, as leaders in education, we have an obligation to nurture the potential that lies within many of our indigenous youth. We need to offer them the same opportunities for self-development and future gainful employment as other Australian children enjoy, so that they may choose how and where to live in the future, and in turn give their children greater access to choices in life.”

IMG_9095The Indigenous Education program here at The Southport School is informed by research and is sympathetic to the unique circumstances faced by each of our boys. At the time of writing, there is currently in Australia, a retention rate for Indigenous students through to the completion of secondary schooling of 59% compared with 85% for non-Indigenous students (source Australian Indigenous Education Foundation). TSS has been able to record a retention rate of over 90%, with only 2 students to date, across the seven years of the program to unfortunately not complete their six years of senior.
We currently have indigenous students that are full fee paying; however the majority are scholarship recipients through partnerships with the Yalari Foundation and Evonne Goolagong Cawley Foundation. The majority of indigenous students are supported by the TSS Foundation’s Indigenous Education Fund that relies on a combination of School and external funding through philanthropy. The 28 Indigenous boys have travelled from remote and regional communities stretching throughout eastern Australia. As you can understand, for every boy, this is a life-changing opportunity, which has been made available to them through the generosity of our philanthropic supporters.
One of the aims for all boys in the program is to ensure they have every opportunity to participate and be valued within the student body, which means fully involved in the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities on offer at TSS. As you can probably imagine a number of these boys have previously been exposed to a community environment suffering from unemployment, alcoholism, domestic violence and drug addiction. As a part of the TSS boarding life, almost every indigenous student is achieving stronger academic results that mean for the first time, many are making the possibility of a university education a reality.

Further testament to the program is that we also have boys that have graduated from TSS and are now set with the opportunity to complete tertiary studies at universities including Bond, UTS and QUT. Trade apprenticeships is another area that we hope can also offer our boys the option of advancement and a qualification to link with opportunities into the workforce.

As we now look to extend the program and inject further resources that will provide greater opportunities for these boys in the future, one of my key objectives is to ensure you receive in future, periodical reports on the progress and advancements within the program our boys are receiving as there is always more we can do. Understanding that we are entering a new phase in the programs development, we continue to look for a broader base of supporters who may consider supporting the TSS Foundation Indigenous Education Program into the future. Scholarships generated from our community are funded through a special endowment account, which contributes towards 50% component for a year 8 boarding student (tuition & boarding – $35,000) and up to $40,000 for a senior per annum.

On behalf of the entire School and most importantly, the Indigenous students that are now realising the significant benefits based on what TSS can offer each student, we sincerely thank you!

For more information and to discuss any matter related to Indigenous Education Program and TSS Philanthropy please contact my office.

E: [email protected]
P: 07 5531 9891.

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